Heritage Blueberry Muffins


Peter Chen
February 07 2016

I am currently biting into a blueberry muffin that’s straight from the oven. This grain mix makes this taste like a healthy decision on my part.

One question for you all, do you put the rest of the muffins into the fridge right away? The last batch went bad on me quick and it’s winter so it’s not even warm in the kitchen at night. I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion.

September 23 2015

These are very yummy, especially with fresh wild blueberries. Nice change from wheat flour. I’ve always made a variety of high-fibre healthy muffins from scratch. The ancient grain muffins with more fibre such as ground flax would be even better. I was going to add some but wanted to try the mix and recipe without messing with it the first time.

Diane McDonald
September 16 2015

I loved these muffins and so did my next door neighbour. Most muffins are simply cake…these are actually good for you and make a quick delicious breakfast with some nut butter and a glass of almond milk.

Tracy Minton
September 15 2015

Your grain blend looks so good. I’m craving a blueberry muffin just looking at the photo, especially one made with fresh whole grains. I really need to order some of your mix to play with and post a recipe and review on my website! The butter melting looks enticing, but I don’t eat eggs or dairy anymore, so I’ll have to come up with a vegan alternative. ~Tracy www.veganearthgirl.com and www.earthgirldiet.com

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