Grainstorm is the answer to our family's prayers!! 

Rebecca Toronto ON
Wow, what a delight! I usually do most of my cooking from scratch, but your mix was a lovely surprise.Laurel Brechin ON

All of the mixes are amazing. Grainy, healthy, hearty and yummy.

Gina Toronto ON

Best Oatmeal Cookies Ever!!!! My kids gobbled up the cookies and had no clue how good they were for them.

Robin Toronto ON

Thank you for making such an amazing product line!!! I will continue to rave about them!

Janice Loydd Harbor NY

It's simple. I love your's a staple in our house.

Shayne Toronto ON

A fantastic, easy, healthy and super-tasty product, its not easy finding that combo!

Virginia Toronto ON

These pancakes were the best we’d ever had. Thanks for providing such a genuine product.

Wallace Oakville ON

You have to bake it to believe it!

Kelly Toronto ON

My two grandsons are pancake aficionados, and said: "These are the best pancakes I ever tasted."

Rod Toronto ON

 OMG...AWESOME! Very light and yummy. Not nearly as dense as using whole wheat flour. I LOVE this stuff!

Ellen Austin TX

Finally...a product that is easy to use, that I feel good about feeding my family, and tastes amazing!!

Treacy Applegate CA

I eat mainly organic...whole grains only...your stuff is at the top of the "awesome" list!!

Janice Huntington NY

The pancakes are AMAZING!!! Nice & hearty but not heavy—this is how baked goods were meant to be!!

Janice Huntington NY

I really, really like the muffin mix. My son loves them as much as I do. I just ordered 8 more bags!

Caroline Toronto ON

I think your product is great – delicious, easy, and wholesome.

Suzanne Toronto ON

LOOOOOVE your muffins and waffles…none of the “regular” waffle crash after a couple of hours. You rock.

Nancy Toronto ON

These have become our family’s favourite waffles – so tasty we don’t even add syrup.

Catherine Mississauga ON

A healthy waffle that [the kids] loved…I couldn’t ask for anything better! Thanks again!

Punam Markham ON

The cookies were sweet and tasty, I love the simple ingredients...

Jody Edmonton AB

The pancakes were the best I’ve had in a long time! I loved that they required yogurt. Mmmm!

Jody Edmonton AB

...very kid friendly...and anything that gets kids cooking wholesome food independently is wonderful!

Peggy Macon GA

We love your two year old couldn’t get enough of the pancakes.

Sandra Toronto ON

I think your product is fantastic! I put a dozen extra waffles in the freezer…a healthy and quick breakfast solution!

Martha Toronto ON

I have to say that the service was perfect. The product, even better.

Michael Ottawa ON

Wonderful product...I hope you are very successful as I think the time for your products is long overdue.

Sharlene Toronto, ON

I’m hypoglycemic so this product is perfect for me. Thanks for making this product I think it’s awesome.

Jenni Toronto ON

How delicious — home baked, natural and lovely…so soft and well, “innocent” is a word that comes to mind!

Leslie Winnipeg MB

Very easy to prepare, the results are delicious...and I don’t feel guilty eating them.

Lynn Ayr ON

…an utterly fantastic product! My daughters, 6 and 8, thought they were superb.

Jennifer Winnipeg MB

The flavour and texture is wonderful.

Linda Calgary AB

I usually bake with spelt flour but after using your mixes the difference in quality is extremely clear.

Ashleigh Toronto ON

I was so impressed with the ease of the recipe and the freshness of the grains. Thank you for such a great product.

Jody Barrie ON

The carrot muffin is the best that I have ever had and my husband just loves them.

Gale St. Catherines ON

The pancakes were a huge hit for breakfast and really easy to make.

Allison Toronto ON

We have LOVED LOVED them all. The recipes are easy to follow and the end product superb.

Erin Toronto ON
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